Seismic Brewing Company, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, and Cambrian Innovation Partner to Brew Beer with Reclaimed Process Water

Beer is first to be brewed with water reclaimed by Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt MINI

Boston, MA and Santa Rosa, CASeptember 5, 2017 – Seismic Brewing Company, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, and Cambrian Innovation today announced the release of two new collaboration beers brewed to advance the discussion of brewing with reclaimed brewery process water. The first beer (Water is the Essence of Wetness) was brewed the traditional way, with city water, and the second beer (Wetness is the Essence of Beer) was brewed with water reclaimed by Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt MINI. The two beers will be poured side by side at the CCBA California Craft Beer Summit in Sacramento, CA on September 7th to 9th.

“As soon as the California Craft Brewer’s Association asked us to showcase our water conservation efforts at the Summit, I knew we had to take it to the next level and brew with reclaimed process water,” said Pat Delves, Director of Sustainability and Logistics for Seismic. “Our goal is to help remove the ‘ick’ factor from people’s minds, and educate them about the possibilities of water reclamation and reuse. We believe that by combining education, best practices, and innovative technology, we can continue to move the ball forward, and help other breweries do the same.”

According to the Brewer’s Association, the average water use ratio is around 7:1. Seismic’s ultimate goal is to achieve an industry best ratio of 2:1. Since opening their doors in May, they have already achieved a ratio of 4:1.

Core to achieving their goal is Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt MINI, a containerized treatment and reuse system. The EcoVolt MINI at Seismic has treated over 215,000 gallons of process water since Seismic began production in May of this year. Followed by a reverse osmosis system, it recovers up to 95 percent of that process water for reuse.

Seismic typically uses the reclaimed process water for cleaning and boiler feed, and even pours the water at local events. For the Summit, they decided to take things to the next level, collaborating with Barrel Brothers Brewing in Windsor, CA to brew Water is the Essence of Wetness and Wetness is the Essence of Beer, both hybrids of a traditional Helles Style Lager and an American Pale Lager. The beers use the same recipe, with one major difference: the first was brewed with city water, and the second was brewed with reclaimed process water from the EcoVolt MINI.

“We wanted to brew beers that would really highlight the quality of the water,” said Wes Deal, Co-Founder and Brewmaster at Barrel Brothers Brewing Company. “We’re excited about what we’ve come up with, and look forward to hearing feedback at the Summit!”

“Seismic’s commitment to sustainability and, more specifically, water sustainability, truly sets them apart,” said Matthew Silver, Founder & CEO of Cambrian Innovation. “They’re our first customer to begin brewing a beer with the water reclaimed one of our EcoVolt solutions…we can’t wait to try it!”

About Seismic Brewing Company

Our Seismic Mission is to brew uniquely flavorful, outstanding craft beer, while re-writing the books on sustainable brewing. We love beer, and we love living in Sonoma County. From our Pilsner to our IPA, each of our beers has been brewed true to style, but with our own Northern California twist. Because we want to preserve the privilege of living in this beautiful region of the world for the next generation, we are pioneering new brewing tech and utilizing renewable energy to help establish new benchmarks of sustainable brewing.

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About Barrel Brothers Brewing Company

Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is a production brewery located in the Town of Windsor, in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. Founded by brothers-in-law, Wesley Deal and Daniel Weber, and their father-in-law, Tom Sather in 2015, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is built on the simple principle that if you make good beer, and make people happy in the process, the rest will figure itself out. We are a company inspired by the talented and innovative brewers who forged the path for Sonoma County to be known as one of the country’s epicenters of world class, style defining beers.

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About Cambrian Innovation

Cambrian Innovation is a commercial provider of distributed wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions. Dedicated to solving critical water, wastewater, and energy management challenges for industrial producers, it is the standard for some of the top names in food and beverage processing including: Lagunitas Brewing Company, Bear Republic Brewing Company, and Russian River Brewing Company. Cambrian’s award-winning EcoVolt product suite offers cost-effective and sustainable options for onsite wastewater treatment, water reuse, and clean energy generation. Through its novel water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA), a financing platform for distributed EcoVolt solutions, Cambrian offers wastewater treatment and resource recovery as a service with no upfront costs.

Cambrian Innovation’s robust research and development group is also commercializing a broader portfolio of environmental productions to help industrial clients efficiently manage their resources. To learn more, visit

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