Winery Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Winery Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Because of the industry’s seasonality, winery wastewater poses a unique problem for many biological wastewater treatment technologies. Wastewater flow, along with pH, BOD, and TSS levels skyrocket during crush season. Flow and strength is relatively low for the remainder of the year.

Wineries have traditionally used aerobic ponds for this reason – they accomplish low effluent levels, are fairly easy to maintain, are able to adjust to fluctuations in flow and strength, and most importantly, allow wineries to reuse water in the vineyard. However, they also have an enormous physical footprint and use significant energy. The alternative, biological treatment technologies, typically cannot handle the extreme fluctuations in winery wastewater.

Cambrian Innovation’s flagship EcoVolt® Reactor, first tested at Clos du Bois Winery in 2012, is one of the few biological treatment technologies proven to handle the challenges associated with winery wastewater. The microbes unique to our technology go into “starvation mode” during low loading periods and ramp up quickly during crush season, achieving over 80 percent BOD and TSS removal.

With Cambrian’s EcoVolt solutions, wineries can reclaim valuable land for either grape growing or industrial use, accomplish low effluent levels in a relatively small footprint, save on energy costs, and still have water to reuse in the vineyard or on landscaping.


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