Food & Beverage Wastewater Solutions & Services

Food & Beverage Wastewater Solutions & Services

Wastewater streams in the food and beverage industry vary by sector, but they all have one thing in common – they are extremely rich in organic material, making them excellent candidates for biological wastewater treatment.

Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt solutions convert food and beverage wastewater into clean energy and clean water, transforming them into a source of sustainability and economic savings. EcoVolt solutions are:

  • Modular & Expandable: stackable, containerized architecture translates to low installation costs and flexible capacity increase;
  • Fully Automated: microbes generate continuous feedback on system performance, cutting operating costs; and
  • Energy Positive: anaerobic solutions generate biogas, which becomes a renewable source of energy for customers in the form of electricity and heat.

Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt solutions serve a number of sectors within the food and beverage industry. Don’t see yours listed? Contact us and learn more about how we can help you manage your wastewater.



Modular and expandable solutions allow breweries of various sizes to match treatment capacity to production. Seamlessly handle seasonal fluctuations in wastewater volume and strength in a small footprint and reclaim valuable space.

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