Cambrian Receives Phase II EPA Award to increase Sustainability of the Biofuels Infrastructure

Cambrian is excited to announce that it has been selected by the Environmental Protection Agency for a highly-competitive two-year project to commercialize proprietary technology that will decrease the energy intensity of biofuels stillage treatment. The project builds on a successful Phase I effort described here.

Biofuels production, whether from corn or cellulosic sources, produces significant volumes of stillage waste that must be treated before release. Traditional approaches to stillage treatment such as aeration technology require energy, thereby increasing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing each gallon of fuel. Leveraging its proprietary waste-to-energy platform Cambrian has developed a scalable solution to the problem of biofuels stillage treatment using novel microbes to generate electricity directly during the treatment process.

“Moving off of foreign oil will require improvements across our entire bio-fuels infrastructure,” notes Dr. Matthew Silver, Cambrian’s CEO and Principal Investigator on the project. “Cambrian’s portfolio of highly advanced environmental products are designed to close resource cycles while making money for our clients. We are particularly excited about our biofuels stillage product, and look forward to working with the EPA SBIR program and our project partners to bring the system to market.”

The project kicked-off in early October at Cambrian’s Boston office, with participation from the EPA. Co-Investigators include Justin Buck, Cambrian CTO. For more information please contact:

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