We Work to Catalyze Harmony Between Industry and Nature

Water and energy, the planet’s most crucial resources, are inextricably linked. At Cambrian Innovation, we develop and implement innovative solutions that change the way industrial businesses use these resources.

Who We Are

Cambrian Innovation is a commercial provider of distributed wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions. Dedicated to solving critical water, wastewater, and energy management challenges for industrial producers, it is the standard for some of the top names in food and beverage processing including: Domaine Chandon, Tree House Brewing Company, and AB InBev. Cambrian’s award-winning EcoVolt® product suite offers cost-effective and sustainable options for onsite wastewater treatment, water reuse, and clean energy generation. Through its novel WEPA (Water-Energy Purchase Agreement)® services, Cambrian offers wastewater treatment and resource recovery as a service with no upfront costs.

Cambrian Innovation’s robust research and development group is also commercializing a broader portfolio of environmental products to help industrial clients efficiently manage their resources.

Our Partners


Cambrian Innovation has been awarded over twenty peer-reviewed, competitive research and development grants from a range of entities, including NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, the National Science Foundation, the EPA, the USDA, and the NIH.