The Water-Energy Purchase Agreement

Flexible Financing for Onsite Wastewater Treatment, Powered by EcoVolt

The water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA), exclusively by Cambrian Innovation, eliminates the headache of wastewater management for partners. By offering onsite wastewater treatment as a service with zero money down and zero operational burden, the WEPA allows customers to return to their core competencies and realize immediate savings.

Benefits of the WEPA Model

  • Zero Money Down: Cambrian finances the project and takes on ownership risk
  • Zero Operational Burden: Cambrian operates the system on your behalf
  • Straightforward Payment Structure: Cambrian charges by gallons of wastewater treated, and by gallons of clean water and kWh of clean energy returned to the facility
  • Grows with your Facility: EcoVolt solutions are containerized and modular, allowing for flexible capacity increase
  • Peace of Mind: Leave wastewater management to Cambrian, and focus on your core competencies

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