EcoVolt Reactor Wastewater to Renewable Energy Product Open View

EcoVolt Reactor

The EcoVolt Reactor, our award-winning flagship product, is the world’s first bioelectrically-enhanced wastewater treatment solution, critical in the conversion of wastewater to renewable energy.
Leveraging electrically-active microbes, the EcoVolt Reactor efficiently treats wastewater while extracting clean energy and clean water, allowing partners to both cut wastewater management costs and achieve sustainability goals.

Our proprietary internal architecture performs high-rate, bulk BOD removal (>80% removal) while producing high-quality biogas (>80% methane fraction). Through combined heat and power cogeneration, a typical installation will generate net 30-200 kW of power.

The EcoVolt Reactor’s modular, stackable, and containerized prefabricated architecture allows for low-impact installation, rapid procurement, and flexible capacity increase. EcoVolt Reactor installations are designed to treat wastewater flows between 10,000 to 300,000 gallons per day and are managed by the headworks, a containerized unit acting as a centralized distribution and controls system.

EcoVolt MBR Wastewater to Energy Product

EcoVolt MBR

The EcoVolt MBR (membrane bioreactor) is an aerobic digester using state-of-the art aeration, robust membrane filtration, and a dynamically integrated controls architecture to remove >99% of contaminants from wastewater streams.

The EcoVolt MBR seamlessly integrates with Cambrian’s EcoVolt Reactor and controls architecture to provide fully-powered treatment in the wastewater to energy process. It can be flexibly stacked to match facility capacity increase and can be remotely managed.

For facilities with a low concentration of organics in their wastewater, the EcoVolt MBR is a highly-efficient, standalone treatment solution that cleans water for onsite reuse or sewer discharge. When coupled with the bioelectrically-enhanced EcoVolt Reactor, the net result is wastewater treatment and water reuse at a fraction of the energy demand of existing systems.

EcoVolt Mini Wastewater to Energy Product

EcoVolt MINI

The EcoVolt MINI is an all-in-one wastewater treatment and water reuse container. Designed for smaller, growing industrial businesses with wastewater flows between 2,000 and 15,000 gallons per day, the solution requires an ultra-low footprint and flexibly incorporates EcoVolt Reactor and EcoVolt MBR technology to achieve desired removal.

Housed entirely within a 53′ x 8.5′ shipping container, the EcoVolt MINI performs high-rate, total contaminant removal, and can cut a facility’s potable water consumption by up to 50%.

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