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Leading in the application of bioelectrochemical solutions for industry and government: Fueled initially by a NASA grant to explore how recent advances in bioelectricity can enhance water management in space, Cambrian Innovation is dedicated to global leadership in the development of environmental solutions based on newly discovered electrically active microbes, starting at the intersection of energy and water. Since 2006 we have developed, scaled, and validated a pipeline of solutions that can recover resources from wastewater, eliminate energy input for wastewater treatment, radically reduce the cost of nitrate nitrogen treatment, and help agricultural operations monitoring their inputs more easily and efficiently.


Developing New Solutions to Close Resource Cycles: It is increasingly recognized that our linear approach to extracting, using and discharging basic resources is costly and unsustainable. In the domain of water management, for example, industry and municipalities are increasingly alarmed at dropping water tables and rising water scarcity. Water treatment and re-use appears to be a solution, yet existing technologies are extremely energy intensive, already consuming 2% – 3% of US electricity demand.

Cambrian Innovation develops solutions that reduce the tension between economics and the environment, extracting energy and value-added products from what might otherwise be considered waste. This enables treatment and re-use at a positive ROI for customers and, as importantly, moves our society towards a cyclical and therefore sustainable approach to fundamental resources. Our solutions have application across industrial sectors, including water, energy, fuels, and renewable natural gas.

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Accelerating Innovation in Clean Water and Energy Technology: Cambrian Innovation takes a collaborative approach to product invention, validation, scaling, and marketing. We work with top tier university researchers, best in class global industrial partners and investors, and a range of federal and state government agencies to accelerate the innovation process. Building on our roots at MIT, our products have been awarded millions of dollars in development funding, garnered national and international recognition and, most importantly, customer support. Explore our website to learn more, and stay tuned as we make new products public!